What Is a Burke Bar?

  • By: Charles Brown
  • Date: September 23, 2022
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People will soon talk to you about the burke bar if you’re starting in demolition. They will say that it is powerful and destroys things easily.

Burke bars are used by workers who help tear down buildings, cement workers, and builders of houses.

What is a burke bar?

A Burke bar is a type of pry bar used in demolition work. It has a curved, springy end and a 4-foot handle. It can be used to move panels during construction, and many people claim that it can be used for more than just demolition work.

You might have a lot of questions about this tool. There is not a lot of information online. But don’t worry, I can answer your questions.

This article will tell you about the burke bar. You’ll know what it is, what you can do with it, and where you can get one.

The Burke Bar Defined

The Burke bar is a steel pry bar with a curved end for breaking things open and a long handle to help you.

It is usually between 46 and 56 inches long. The blade is between 3 and 5 inches wide. It has a nail puller on it.

Why is it Called a Burke Bar?

The original company that made the burke bar was called Meadow Burke. They make concrete accessories.

People started to call this bar a burke bar. It is different from a typical pry bar.

The name for this tool has stuck among most people in the construction industry. But others may call it a crowbar or a pry bar.

If you laid a hammer next to a hammer, you would see different.

What Can You Do With a Burke Bar?

The burke bar might be called a type of pry bar, but it is so much more. It can do many jobs, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to what it can do.

A Burke Bar is a tool for moving heavy objects or panels. It is also useful when doing demolitions.

A burke bar is a tool that you can do things with. Here are some of those things:

  • Remove the forms around concrete.
  • Unstick and move panels.
  • Adjust door frames.
  • Remove nails.
  • Smash concrete.
  • If the handle is not capped, you can bend the rebar with the hollow handle.
  • Lift heavy objects off the ground and maneuver them into place (like tires from heavy machinery and safes).
  • Use as a scraper.
  • Remove flooring, plaster, studs, and lathe.

If you think you can use a bar for something, the chances are that you can.

When Not to Use a Burke Bar

A smaller pry bar can do the job. This is easier than using a larger one.

For example:

  • You wouldn’t use a burke bar to pry a piece of wood from a cabinet. You might break your furniture more than when you started.
  • You might not use a pry bar in a small shower stall because you will not have room to move it, and you could hit the walls.
  • Don’t use a burke bar if you are working too close to other people. Wait until they leave, then start working.

Who Makes Burke Bars and Where Can You Get One?

Two companies in the US make burke bars. But only one can call it a burke bar.

Meadows Burke and Marshalltown both make pry bars. You can buy them online from home improvement websites.

Marshalltown is the only place that sells its burke bars on Amazon. They are easy to find there.

Meadow Burke’s Burke Bars

This company is still making burke bars. They are painted yellow and come in three sizes.

Bar Name Bar Length Bar Weight Blade Width

Precast Bar is 56 inches long, weighs 19 pounds. Burke Bar is also 56 inches long, but it weighs 15 pounds. Burke Bar Junior is 47 inches and weighs 7 pounds. Beyond the length and weight, there isn’t much difference between these three bars. The largest one can be heavier because it weighs more, and the lightest one can be less heavy because it weighs less.

Marshalltown’s Burke Bars

Marshalltown uses a different word for the same tool, but it’s still the same tool. Marshalltown’s bars come in many colors, and they’re called “monster pry bars.”

Bar Name Bar Length Bar Weight Features

Big Bad Monster Pry Bar 56 inches 15 pounds 5/8 inch thick blade, ideal for tough jobs Big Bad Monster Extra Wide Pry Bar 56 inches 19 pounds Same as above, but with a wider 5-inch blade Two-Headed Monster Pry Bar 46 inches 7 pounds Additional 90-degree head, perfect for smaller jobs

The first two burke bars on this list are similar to Meadow Burke’s. The last two offer some distinct advantages depending on the kind of job you’re doing.

Burke Bar Tips

There is no one way to hold or work with a burke bar. You need to know what you are doing and how it will help. I have some tips that will help you, too.

Stay Safe

When you use a burke bar, it is important to wear protective gear. A steel-toed boot, work glove, long sleeves, and pants will help keep you safe.

Use Two Hands and Good Footing

It is a good idea to use two hands when using a bar. It could be a light one. You should use two hands when cutting the surface or smashing things.

You don’t want your 7- to 15-pound steel rod to go flying in the air at work.

It would help if you were sure that you have a good grip on the ground and there are no objects around where someone could trip.

Let the Handle Do the Work

A 56-inch handle is not useful if you are still bending over and holding the burke bar close to your blade.

Make sure you use the power that it provides.

Store Properly

To keep your bowling ball in good condition, you should clean it after use and store it in a dry place.

Is a Burke Bar Worth It?

A Burke bar is a special tool for construction projects. It costs money, but it can help you do work faster.

The cost of a bar will depend on the size and brand you purchase. You can generally expect it to cost somewhere between $80-$120.

That sounds like a lot, but these things last for a long time. Your burke bar will last your whole life and longer, so it is worth it if you think you’ll use it often.

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