Top 25 Reasons Why We Love Art

  • By: Charles Brown
  • Date: March 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

We all love free things, right? And what’s better than free art? Probably nothing. That’s why we created this list of the Top 25 Reasons Why We Love Art. The first reason is that art can make you feel like anything is possible; it can open your mind to new ideas and inspire creativity. But there are many other reasons too! Join me as I count down my favorite reasons for loving art!

1. Art assists us in really feel feeling.

2. Art makes us really feel active.

3. Art could embellish our bodies and make us really feel lovely, calm, independent, spirited, a rebel (you select the noun/adjective/verb).

4. Art could take us to an additional globe as a desire can.

5. Art could make us neglect our difficulties.

” Art is nothing; it is a means.”

~ Elbert Hubbard

6. Art could decorate our living room and offer gleaming locations for our eyes to check out.

7. Art could make us assume.

8. Art aids us in recovering.

9. Art aids us in making adjustments worldwide.

10. Art could bring individuals with each other.

” Creative job is not a selfish act or a quote for interest for the star. It’s a present to the globe and also every remaining in it. Do not cheat us of your payment. Offer us just what you’ve obtained.”

~ Steven Pressfield

11. Art could boost the spirit.

12. Art could fill up that void on the wall surface, on a rack, on a door, in the yard … you call it.

13. Art supplies mercy when we require it.

14. Art could bring tranquility.

15. Art could be a heritage.

16. Art could aid us to connect with our deeper/higher selves

17. Art could assist us in seeing the elegance around us or including elegance in our environments.

18. Art advises us to decrease as well as be still.

19. Art could take us to our spiritual facility.

20. Art could move us in brand-new instructions.

” The most considerable regard a musician could pay to songs is to provide it life.”

~ Pablo Casals

21. Produce! Art could provide us something to do.

22. Art could oblige us to act.

23. Art subjects us to brand-new methods of thinking/viewing the globe.

24. Art delights us.

25. Art could bring shade right into our lives.

The artworld is vast and diverse. There are so many different genres, mediums, styles, movements–the list goes on! So it’s entirely possible that there isn’t a single artistic movement or artist you love. You don’t know what you like yet! That’s okay, though, because the best way to find out who your favorites are is by trying new things (and maybe reading this blog post). Have any of these top 25 reasons why we love art changed how you feel about artwork? Let us know in the comments below if they have helped open up your perspective on all types of visual stimulation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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